Where The Hell Have I Been?

04 May

This would normally be a Status Sunday post, but I think it’s been a little too long for that. I’m going to try to catch you up to where I’ve been in my long absence.

The first place was face-down in my writing. I finished the rough draft of a second book in a series, and I’m almost at the end of the third. My goal is to at least have drafts of all four books in the series finished before the end of the year, so when I start shopping it out to agents, they can see how far along I am.

The second was being away for health. No, not the headaches again, but in and out of the hospital having different procedures, including surgery. I’m still recovering from the latter; I can’t sit up for long periods of time without my chest aching.

The third? Well, I mentioned getting a story rejected before, and that I might as well just submit it to another press, because there was no point in moping about it. I submitted it that day, and was accepted by Less Than Three Press! I got my edits back the day I got home from the hospital, so I was working on those.

The four is that Friday night, I got a stabbing pain in the left side of my ribs. I went to the ER and they theorized that it might be a blood clot in my lung, or pulmonary edema, both of which terrified me (I lost a friend to the latter). It turned out that my lung is inflamed–a possibility with surgery, unfortunately. So, I’m home now, but in a lot more pain.

The beating my body has taken is hell on my concentration, but I’m still writing a bit here and there, for as long as I can stand to stay sitting up.

How have you been?

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