Birthday Giveaway

So, I’m 33 today. I know a lot of people complain about getting older, but I know of love it. The older I get, the more comfortable I feel about myself, and the less I feel I have to give a damn about small, petty things. Plus, I think double numbers are lucky, so 33 is pretty awesome to me.

But enough rambling! I want to give away a gift for my birthday: a copy of my most recent story, Wandering Star. Do you like space shenanigans? Awesome transwomen? Asexual  romance? Then check this out!

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Holiday Giveaway Winner Picked!

Let’s open the envelope…

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Holiday Giveaway

Hello and Merry Whatever! To celebrate this time of year, I’m doing a giveaway. But not just any give away! It’s a giveaway where you get to choose which book you want!

Just leave a comment and say which book you’d like, and I’ll choose a winner randomly on next Wednesday, the 23rd. Thanks and good luck!

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Work In Progress Wednesday

Hey, everyone. Yeah, it has been a while, hasn’t it? The health hasn’t been great lately, so it’s left me with a lot of days where I just feel like a limp sock. But let’s get the the important stuff: what I’ve been working on.

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Work In Progress Wednesday

It might be late in the day, but it’s still Wednesday. Let’s stir up some dust.

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Work In Progress Wednesday

It’s snowing outside. Again. I am not happy about that. Instead, I’ll tell you what I’ve been working on.

I fully intended to have a manuscript I’m working on, working titled “Wandering Star”, done last month. And then I had two documents to edit drop in my lap, so it had to be put aside. I know that February is a short month, but I am getting “Wandering Star” done this month, dammit. I’m about 3/4th of the way through, even with adding another scene so the ending won’t come so quickly.

I’m also mentally planning the sequel to “Grow Wild”. I actually have the outline for the sequel written already, but I got a new idea for it, and I’m chewing on it, trying to decide which would be more interesting, and how it will fit in with the tone of the story.

There are two other stories I want to plot out this month, titled “Bitter Cold” and “Coffee Spills” for now. “Coffee Spills” has been the hard one, because it’s pretty grimdark, but I just gotta push through it. It helps that “Wandering Star” is lighter in tone, so I don’t feel like I have to wear black eyeliner and listen to the Cure while doing all of my writing–now I only do that for fun!

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Work In Progress Wednesday

Had a great weekend, and I’m trying to make this a productive week.

So far, I’ve finished my first round of edits on “Bloodyguilty”, a m/m trans* story that Less Than Three accepted back in October. I ended up adding an entire chapter and a half to it, but I like how the new stuff fits in.

While the editor takes her turn with “Bloodguilty”, I’m working on another short story for Less Than Three. My first scifi piece, I’m taking a lighter tone with it, after doing heavier themes in “Grow Wild” and “Bloodguilty”. I’m having a lot of fun, and if I really kick my own ass, I can have it done by the end of the month.

And speaking of “Grow Wild”, it’s up for preorder!

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