Decluttering, Part 1

I’m a cluttery person by nature. I know that I work best in a neat environment, but everything around me seems to collect books, papers, and empty pop cans, like I’m at the center of a tornado. Keeping things tidy requires a major effort from me, but I’m trying to declutter my life, one area at a time.

The first place I’m starting is with my phone.

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Status Sunday

This week was here and gone before I had time to blink.

Part of that might be because I actually had social plans this week, so there was something out of the ordinary to look forward to. Most of them ended up getting rescheduled or outright cancelled, but it was still enough to make me shift my mental gears.

I’ve spent most of this week editing. It’s probably how I’m going to spend most of March as well; I’m perfectly fine with this. The more time I spend on editing, the sooner I will get stories done, and can work on new ones. And more importantly, the sooner I finish editing these, the sooner I will be able to start shopping for an agent (but that is a panic attack for another time).

What’s up with you?

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Status Sunday

The sleeping pill detox seems to be going all right so far. It’s a little more difficult for me to fall asleep, but at least I am sleeping, which is a vast improvement. I might go back to melatonin some time this week, but I’ll stay off of everything for the time being.

I’m also switched over to editing. I got to a place on the story I had been writing that I felt uncomfortable progressing until I do more research, so it’s on the back burner for now. The first six chapters were a breeze to edit. Then I hit chapter seven and had to write a completely new one, and it became slow going for me. No matter; at least I’m working on it.

What’s going on with you this week?


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May Cause Drowsiness

Insomnia and I are old friends, but my sleeplessness has gotten so much worse since I started having this head pain. Painkillers don’t touch my pain, so I pretty much just have to knock myself out if I want any relief. So, I’ve just been rotating through different pills since last May, switching around when I become tolerant to one, or run out of another.

Last night, that bit me in the ass. I had one Vicodin, and a handful of Ultram, both of which are painkillers, and both of which usually put me to sleep. Apparently, mixing them together was an incredibly poor idea. I lay in bed all night not sleeping, but not quite awake, either. I felt like I was hallucinating; my mind was making up scenarios, but I was aware of where and how I was lying at all times. The slightest twitch on my part would jerk me completely awake.

This caused me to spend today feeling woozy. I slept an hour here, two hours there, and now I feel like I’m not going to fall over. However, I’m exhausted. I got two bottles of melatonin, which I haven’t used for a while, but I’m not going to take them tonight. Instead, I’m going to try doing a sleeping pill detox, see if I can reset my tolerances, so I can get some normal sleep again.


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Status Sunday

This week was fairly uneventful, up until the end. I spent some days in more pain, some days in less, editing here, writing there. I did my writing on Saturday, then got ready to leave for a party.

I then promptly fell down a wooden staircase and bruised my tailbone.

Bruising your tailbone is no joke. I’ve done it once before, last year, and it took months to heal. Yesterday, after I fell, I just lay on the floor. I had this idea that if I didn’t move, maybe it would unbruise itself. Sadly, this was not the case, and I spent two hours lying on my side on the couch, because it was too painful to sit. Every time I rolled over last night, I could feel where I’d fell.

It still hurts to sit. I have to sit with my ass way back in the chair and lean forward to keep the pressure off of it, which is not comfortable for my back. So, I think I’m just going to cut this short and lie down again.

How was your week?


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Faded Envelopes

Mom wants to turn my old bedroom into a storage room, so I’ve been heading down to sort through the stuff I’ve left behind. Boxing up the stuff I want to save, throwing away garbage, putting aside stuff to be donated, all that good stuff.

While I was sorting today, I found a Priority Mail box that I’d forgotten about: it’s absolutely stuffed full of letters and cards. I used to be an avid penpal, and I saved all the letters that I ever got. I took the box with me and dumped it out on the kitchen table, sifting through the pile.

I expected some of what I found: Letters from the cousin I used to write to, a stack from my longest penpal, and a few birthday cards. But there were definitely surprises in the pile. One was a few letters from a friend that I was in love with, and I even had two from a teacher that I had a crush on. The latter told me that the world was more interesting with me in it, and to find my self-confidence. It didn’t mean much to me then, but now, it makes me smile.

I also found a love letter. I’ve said for years that I’ve never gotten a love letter, so this was a real surprise. I’m embarrassed to say that I honestly don’t remember the guy it was from, but it was very sweet. Full of how he was thinking of me, couldn’t wait to hold me and kiss me.

I was planning to toss the box in the recycling bin. After all, these were from my teenage years, and earlier, and those weren’t happy times in my life. After reading a few of these, I changed my mind. I think I’ll get a better box and keep them around. It might be nice to pull them out in a few years and remember that everything about being a teen wasn’t awful.

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Status Sunday

I wish that I could take off my head, take out all of its contents, and scrape it clean. I have a feeling that would help my awful head pain and get rid of the migraines.

Since that’s not an option, I’m just suffering. I’m also really dizzy and tired lately, which is new. I’ve been crashing out at 6PM and waking up between ten and twelve hours later. Even now, after eleven hours of sleep, I’m still feeling like I could crash in bed and sleep for eleven more hours. Maybe it’s the cold.

I can at least say I’m doing writing. I felt like hot garbage yesterday, but I still forced myself to sit at the keyboard and work, and I got about two thousand words. I’m not bothering with the Superbowl (I know, sacrilege), so I hope to get a lot more done today.

What’s new with you?

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